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CopyCloset Training 10: WERK Your Words

When you’re exposed to too many strategies, lessons, formulas and just stuff, it can be difficult to take action. That’s why we’re here to give you human support and guidance on where to start, how to move forward and what to do to WERK your words.

In this training, we don’t want to give you more stuff. Instead we want you to see and hear from other folks who are taking action and WINNING.

We get it … you’re busy. But by taking action and learning how to WERK your words, you will hustle less and make more money. We guarantee that.

In fact, here’s what Ryan Deiss – kazillionaire digital marketer – says about the power of words.

When asked:

“If you were just starting out in marketing, what would you try to master first?”

He responded with this:

“Copywriting. Being able to craft persuasive sales copy is one of the most important skills anyone can have. It’s definitely the skill that allowed me to launch successful businesses in so many different markets.”

And with that, here’s some inspiration for you to kick that thang up into high gear:

Click Below to Hear from Denise Sincere 




Meet Audria Richmond, Branding + Marketing Genius

Meet Khayr Carter, Money + Time Coach

Meet Samantha Singletary, Empowerment Speaker + Career Transition Coach








Wow, these folks are winning. You see, all it takes is ACTION. Soooo, you don’t have to do everything, but I challenge you to do SOMETHING.

Have a win or feedback you want to share? Contact your CopyCloset Concierge at croginsky@baab.biz.

CopyCloset Training 9: Quick Cash

Steady money is not typically something we can count on as entrepreneurs. Sure, you may have recurring income and retainer clients, but if they decide not to pay you … you’re pretty much stuck.

And “stuck” ain’t the place to be when it comes to your money.

That’s why today, we’re sharing a money-in-the-bag social media post/message you can share to generate revenue dang near immediately.

Don’t believe me? Leslie did it and made a quick $500 and you can do it too.



Here’s How It Works

The trick is to include language that covers 5 key points:

  1. Short proof story showing your strategy/product works.
  2. Brief description of what the person will get after signing up.
  3. Reason to sign up now
  4. Who this offer is for and what makes you qualified to offer it
  5. How the offer will be life- or biz-changing and therefore why they dont wanna miss out on it

Now, your final script will read something like this:

I know all the gurus are telling you to _______. But that’s not working for you. Heck, I did the same thing and it didn’t work for me either. And that’s why I’m dropping by your timeline to offer you the opportunity to never again struggle with _________.

You see, with the right _______ you can finally:

[insert up to 3 burning desires]

And that’s what you’ll get during my [webinar, masterclass _____].

By the way, I’m Apryl Beverly and I sling smack-the-buy button sentences. I’m freeing up ____ hours this week to give ____ very lucky action takers ____  ways to _________.

There’s just one catch, I only have ____ spots available and I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll have time to do this again.

Want in? Comment below or message me today. 

Here’s a snapshot of Leslie’s money-making message for inspiration:







Now don’t just read this and go on about your day. I challenge you to take action.

CopyCloset Training 8: Concierge Services

Some online memberships are content ONLY. And while that’s cool … that’s NOT how we roll over here inside the CopyCloset. You see, we realize handing you a bunch of templates, scripts and formulas, while helpful, are not enough to transform how you communicate in writing.

That’s why we’re here to guide you through the content, answer questions and even give you 1:1 advice on how you can tweak scripts for your specific needs. One way we provide human assistance is through our very human CopyCloset Concierge.

My CopyCloset Concierge

Many of you are already using this service. So, in this training we want to recap the types of things you can send over to the Concierge for assistance.


Now, let’s say you see a script inside the CopyCloset, but you’re selling products and the script covers services? Should you battle with the script alone?

NOPE! Complete the Concierge request and ask for assistance modifying the script. We won’t complete write it for you, but we will give you usable guidance to transform the script in less time than it would’ve taken you to do it alone.


With so much content, it’s easy to get lost down a rabbit hole of tips and formulas. And when this happens, should you suffer alone?

NOPE! Complete the Concierge request and ask for assistance finding what you need. Our team knows the content inside and out, so we can usually direct you pretty fast and return your focus to revenue-generating activities.


We’ll periodically offer pop-up content reviews and other perks via email. Now, if you missed the how-to’s for cashing in on this tiny blessing, all you gotta do is hit reply on the email you received and ask the question.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again …

We can’t answer questions you choose not to ask.

We’re here to support you.


CopyCloset Training 7: The Million-Dollar Secret

And the million-dollar secret for getting inside the pretty little heads of your audience members is …


Now, if you choose to ignore this message, you may as well pick up now and try a new business that sells to something other than humans.

Real talk … benefits sell. But do you know why?

Remember our chat in Training 6 about the primary human desires? Those are powerful wants humans are BIOLOGICALLY wired to fulfill – no matter who we are, where we live or what we do. So, if your product or service can satisfy even one of those or one of the nine secondary wants we discussed, you’re on your way to getting your sales train rolling. #ChooChoo

Here’s the thing:

If you do NOT use benefits on your website, sales and landing pages and in your emails, you can pretty much kiss your sales, clients and happy bank account goodbye.

But no worries, because we’d NEVER allow you to do that. Let’s talk benefits versus features.

Benefits versus Features

Benefits are those things that yield value for your prospects. A feature is simply a component of the product or service.

For example:

Product: BMW X5
Feature: Top-grade, plush leather seats.
Benefit: Luxury comfort in all climates.

Service: Social Media Consulting
Feature: We will write 10 Facebook and Instagram posts per month
Benefit: No more wasting hours on social media, we’ll write and post for you every single day, so your audience stays intrigued, engaged and excited to invest in your offers.

Get it? The features are the attributes while the benefits are what you get from the attributes. And the benefits are what entices people to buy.

Want to flood your pages with benefits? Slide over to Money Moves Masterclass and check out “Bodacious Bullets.”

There, we share a simple formula for connecting features to benefits and how you can quickly flood your landing and sales pages with tiny sales warriors.

CopyCloset Training 6: Humans Buy

Human beings are biologically wired to want these core Hot 8 things:

The Hot 8

1. Survival and life fulfillment
2. Enjoyment of food/drinks
3. Sexual companionship
4. Freedom from fear, pain and danger
5. Comfy living conditions
6. To outperform/win and keep up with the Joneses
7. Care for and protect loved ones
8. Social approval

Can you argue with ANY of these? Likely not. We ALL want these things – it’s human nature. Now, lemme ask you this:

How many times have you selected one or more of these desires and specifically wrote your sales or marketing content around it?

While you think on that, I want you to know this:

When you craft a sales message around any of these 8 desires, you’ll undoubtedly tap into the essence of what makes humans tick. And by doing so, you’ll be more likely to persuade people to take action.

You see, folks buy because of emotion and they use logic to justify their buying decisions. So when you want people to BUY, you gotta force an emotional response by addressing a fundamental want or need.

Now, before you get all excited about the Hot 8, here are nine more secondary human desires that can push folks to smack the buy button:

The Secondary 9

1. Knowledge
2. Curiosity
3. Cleanliness
4. Efficiency
5. Convenience
6. Dependability/quality
7. Expression of style/beauty
8. Bargain
9. Economy/profit

So why are desires so important?

A desire is a drive or tension you experience when one of your human desires are not met. Now, from a marketing/sales perspective, when you appeal to human desires, you create a tension that motivates the individual to take an action that will fulfill that desire as fast as possible.

And that’s why Apryl everything you’ll find inside the CopyCloset is pre-written to appeal to the desires of humans, rather than who they are, what they look like and where they live. You see, desires are what connects us all and propels us to take action.

CopyCloset Training 5: Confidence Sells

Words matter. And that’s why it’s so super important for you to choose your words wisely. Even ONE wrong phrase can send your prospects and leads running into the arms of another designer, writer, editor, make-up artist, cosmetics retailer and so on.

Today, we’ll highlight a few of these confidence-sucking words and phrases and lead you to a script inside the CopyCloset that’s guaranteed to infuse personality and confidence into your core sales message.

Confidence Sucker #1: Just

This 4-letter word sucks away the power of your statements and can make you appear defensive or even apologetic. Saying, “I just wanted to follow up,” can be code for, “Sorry for taking up your time” or “Sorry if I’m bothering you.”

*Copywriting Tip: Now, saying “just click here” or “just $49.95” is different in that you’re making the action appear easy and painless. This type of use should not be confused with the confidence-sucking usage above.

Confidence Sucker #2: “I’m not sure what you think, but …”

Ahh, the old qualifier that tells folks you don’t want to sound pushy or arrogant. The problem is phrases like this negate the credibility of your statements.

Confidence Sucker #3: “My goal/mission is to …”

This phrase tells people you’re NOT yet doing what you plan to do. So, if you write, “my goal is to give you the tools and resources to grow your business” … you’re saying, “I’m planning on giving you those things, but I really don’t know if I can.”

Now, there’s plenty more confidence-sucking phrases floating around, but let’s not go overboard today. Plus, when you dig inside the CopyCloset, you’ll find scripts bursting with confidence and personality.

Before you leave, lemme drop some breadcrumbs leading you to that power message script so you can show you and reflect your dopeness …

Power Up Your Core Message

Go here to grab the script.

Once you fill in the blanks, you should have a personality-infused, powerful sales message that tells folks how you serve, who you serve and why they better not miss out on the chance on work with you.

It’ll take 20 minutes tops to complete.

CopyCloset Training 4: Quick Money

The CopyCloset was created to give you the words you need to attract, engage and excite your audience. And they will do that when you take action.

For example, new member Samantha stepped right in and used an email tucked inside the Swag Bag O’ Scripts to book THREE new clients. #Boom

Now, here’s how YOU can use the CopyCloset to make some QUICK money.

Step #1: Define Your Approach

Identify how you want to generate revenue. For example, do you want to host a Masterclass, offer one-on-one consultations, create a digital product …? The first step to making QUICK money is deciding how you’ll go about doing it.

Step #2: Set Your Money Goal

You’ll also want to set a money goal – how much can you realistically make from this Masterclass, digital product or one-on-one consultation given your past success and existing audience.

Step #3: Dig Inside The CopyCloset

Now that you have a high-level plan, it’s time to WERK the content inside the CopyCloset to make big thangs happen. Now, Samantha decided she wanted to book one-on-one consultations, so she slid inside the Swag Bag O’ Scripts.

Want to book your own money-making consultations? Try these scripts inside the Swag Bag O’ Scripts:





Or maybe you want to create a Masterclass? If so, slide over to this incredible step-by-step lesson under Money Moves Masterclasses:


Lastly, if you want to create a digital product, check out this resource:


Remember, you ain’t gotta do EVERYTHING, but I challenge you to do something.

As always, hit us up in the CopyCloset Concierge section if you have questions.

CopyCloset Training 3: Getting Personal

Ever join a membership where you see the host day in and day out BEFORE you join but as soon as you register, they disappear? Welp, THIS ain’t one of those memberships.

You see, when you joined the CopyCloset, you also earned a backstage pass inside the brain of a Million-Dollar Word Stylist. Now, of course she’s not available around the clock, but we have some incredible perks to ensure all your burning questions are answered and you have the support you need to WERK your words.

Now, before we get to the perks, please know this:

We can ONLY answer the questions YOU ask. So, if you prefer to suffer in silence, we won’t be able to help you until your part your lips and ask for help, love!

Now that we have an understanding, let’s dig into the many ways you can get human assistance as a CopyCloset member:

FREE CopyCloset Power Chats

During these calls, you can ask specific questions about your business writing or get your burning questions answered. While Apryl will not review or refine your content during these calls, you can ask her questions to help you improve your own content.

Chat with Apryl

In the lower right corner of each page, you can chat with Apryl to get answers to navigational or quick-fix questions. The office hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. EDT Monday – Thursday. When she’s not online, the tag will say “Email Us.”

Pop-Up Content Reviews

We offer content reviews on a pop-up basis. This means, we’ll drop a note in your ClosetMail on when the next reviews will take place and you’ll have a limited amount of time to register. Once spots are gone, you’ll have to catch us next time, so stay tuned to your email.

CopyCloset Concierge

Your Concierge is available to guide you to resources, answer questions and serve your needs as you navigate this wonderful world of entrepreneurship. All you gotta do to reach your Concierge is click the “My Concierge” tab inside the member’s area.

Community Q&A

We’ll host a Q&A day at least once a month inside the online community. During these times, you can ask questions directly inside the community. If you have questions outside Q&A day, you can always use Chat with Apryl of contact the CopyCloset Concierge.

Website Smackdowns

Request a website smackdown to get a video from Apryl filled with tips on how you can turn your website into a cash-generating machine.

Now, do you know of any other content memberships that provide THIS MUCH human interaction? I’m thinking nope, but if you do know of any, feel free to share your experience with them. We’re always open for feedback on how we can improve thangs around here.

CopyCloset Training 2: Making the Most of Your Cash-Generating Content

You will only benefit from the CopyCloset when you take full advantage of the scripts, formulas and lessons tucked inside for you. Now, let’s meet Jessica (or Jesse) to further explain this …

Jessica has been invited to a fabulous red-dress event. Now, she has a Closet filled with multiple designer red dresses, shoes and purses that would be perfect for the event, but she first has to step inside the Closet to see what she has.

Now, because Jessica knows where she’s going and knows the look she’s going for, the time she spends inside her Closet is going to be worthwhile and focused.

But imagine how much time Jessica would spend inside her Closet if she had no idea what she was looking for. Wow, that could be a daylong or even an all week situation trying to find the right outfit. But lucky for Jessica, she has her marching orders – a red dress only.

And for my CopyCloset guys, we’ll change the name to Jesse and switch out the red dress to a black suit.

Now, that brings us to YOUR experience inside the CopyCloset.

You see, when you step inside knowing what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to take immediate action. And it’s cool if you want to browse around, but on those days, we want you to take notes and plan your steps, so you make the most out of every trip inside the CopyCloset.

Now, ideally, you’ll know, for example, you need an email series. You’ll slide over to the most recent CopyCloset Style Guide and search for the word “emails.” From there, you’ll have narrowed your search and will have a plan of attack to find the emails you need to take IMMEDIATE ACTION.

So, we suggest you set aside browser days where you take notes on critical things you want or need to do and set aside time to come back inside the CopyCloset to EXECUTE on those vital things.

Need help figuring out what you should do FIRST? Book a FREE call with Apryl to map out your money-making message approach.

Book your call now.

Note: We schedule FREE 15-minute calls on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once available dates/times are gone for the month, you’ll need to wait until the following month to book your free call.