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    A foolproof formula for finding and attracting people who are ready and willing to invest in your genius (not just shake you down for your freebies)

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    A super simple way to create a sign-up/landing page that will have folks racing to leap on your email list (BONUS: you’ll also hear how to turn leads into fast buyers)

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    The Hollywood blockbuster secret to hitting the Internet streets and hooking your first (or next) 100 smokin’ hot leads

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    A super sneaky yet effective way to accentuate the benefits of your products and services so you have people begging you to take their money

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    PLUS, you’ll walk away with the confidence to write words that propel your audience to BUY and you’ll never need to worry about how to get clients because with the F.A.S.T. Money formula you'll finally have a blueprint that can ATTRACT CLIENTS ON DEMAND.


Who's Behind This F.A.S.T. Money Brouhaha?

The Million-Dollar Word Stylist

I'm Apryl Beverly - Million-Dollar Word Stylist, sentence slinger and your guide for this incredible F.A.S.T. Money Challenge.

Entrepreneurs and small biz owners turn to me when they want to transform their dull words into spine-tingling sentences that propel folks to whip out their credit cards and smack the buy button.

I'm a six-figure-plus earner today, but it took a ton of bumps and bruises to get here. And during the challenge, I'll share with you what I did to start hooking clients online. This process is how I now consistently rake in $10,000 to $15,000 in revenue each month. 

Enough about me, let's get to growing your business ...

Now, the first step is all on you ...

Will you accept the challenge and share your genius with the people who need you most?

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

P.S. If the thought of making more money, growing your business and building up your platform so you can serve more people makes you gag, please don't accept the challenge. This is for entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to use their gifts to CHANGE THE WORLD.