You're. Doing. Content. Wrong!

BUT, with just a few tweaks, you can learn how to shift your content, sales and profits in the right direction ...

Now look, I love dancing, pointing and making people laugh in my social media videos. BUT, after being in the marketing industry for more than 20 years, I know that putting all your marketing eggs in the social media basket will not pull in the sales and profits you want.

And I know a social media guru is reading this right now who's ready to chase me down hurling No. 2 pencils, but I have to put you up on game: 

Social media should be ONE element of your marketing and sales strategy ... NOT the entire plan. There are social media gurus right now telling you how to create videos, reels, captions and so on (which are all great things).

BUT, what they're failing to tell you is that if social media went offline today, they have no other way to contact their hundreds of thousands to millions of followers because they're betting it all on social media.

Now, I don't know about you, but what I'm NOT about to do is bet my entire legacy on the operations of Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

And when you join me for the Fall into Profits Masterclass Series, you'll learn how to create enticing and engaging sales messages that drive traffic, revenue and sales ... whether you're on or off social media.

When you register for the Masterclass Series, you'll gain a rare all-access pass into the strategies I'm using to grow my 7-figure agency and build on the $100 million+ in revenue my team has already helped our clients make.  

These strategies give you the know-how to quickly create an enticing core sales message that pulls people in almost instantly (without you needing to dance or point all over the video screen or lip sync).

And this enticing sales message will serve as the root of the money tree you'll produce when you discover how to weave your core sales message into cash-generating product/service descriptions, landing and sales pages, emails and social media posts.

Now, nothing I'll teach during the Masterclass Series is rocket science. In fact, they're all pretty easy concepts once I break them down for you. 

Like almost everything, if you dedicate just a little time to learning a few proven and straightforward insider secrets, it can be easy to turn the wrong content strategy into one that strikes all the right chords with your audience.

Register below for this must-attend Masterclass Series, where I teach you step-by-step, repeatable tactics that every sought-after marketer and copywriter uses to recession-proof our agencies and clients' businesses.

The simple formulas, strategies and tactics you'll learn during our time together could be the ones that change the game for your business and life.

When you join me for the Fall into Profits Masterclass Series, you'll gain a rare look inside new ways successful marketers are gaining traction and boosting profits, regardless of how much the economy shifts or the social media algorithm changes. The Series runs from Tuesday, October 11- Thursday, October 13, 2022 (each LIVE class starts at 7 p.m. ET - replays will be available).

During the Masterclass Series, you'll discover how to: 

  • Masterclass #1: Create a Captivating Sales Message

    Discover how to get super clear on your target audience (and what you should focus on if you cater to more than one group of buyers) and use my easy-to-follow formula to create an intriguing core sales message (and Instagram bio) that draws attention from the people you want to serve.

  • Masterclass #2: Craft Tantalizing Offer Descriptions

    Get the inside scoop on clearly and quickly creating product descriptions and sales pages that clearly and quickly explain the benefits of what you’re selling. Use my writing insight to instantly grab hold of your prospect’s attention (without spending hours writing).

  • Masterclass #3: Drive Digital Sales (Without Being Online 24/7)

    Leverage my proven Three-E Process and user-friendly writing formulas to drive digital sales by creating video content, emails and other marketing content that entices, engages and encourages your audience to smack the buy button®️.

  • Upgrade Me: Gain Exclusive Access to Million-Dollar Office Hours

    Unlock VIP access to submit up to 750 words of content for review and attend an up to 2-hour, laser-focused Zoom session. During this session, you’ll get my million-dollar eyeballs on your content, uncover answers to your burning questions and hear precisely what you need to change to boost your sales.


And if you're wondering whether what you'll hear about during the Masterclass Series really works, here are a few words from clients who have "tested" out my strategies ...

We won several multimillion-dollar contracts as a result of Apryl's proposal expertise and copywriting skills!

"Apryl's patience and perseverance were critical to submitting compliant proposals on time and looking sharp! We sincerely appreciate her guidance and professionalism throughout the process and look forward to working together on future pursuits. We have already won several multimillion-dollar contracts as a result of her proposal expertise and copywriting skills."

- CarolAnn Giovando, Senior Director Sales Support, Aclara Technologies


Apryl's team helped my company generate another $30,000 in passive income!

"Because of Apryl’s team, I’ve been able to take trips around the world and spend more time with my family because I’m not stuck at my computer trying to figure out which words to use. In fact, because of her team, we’ve generated another $30,000 in passive income."

- Jeri Toliver, Flyy Credit Solutions


Apryl helped us close one of our largest contracts with a Big Ten University to date!

"Apryl demonstrated enthusiasm and professionalism from the first phone call. She not only helped us complete the project, but she managed the project and helped us to stay organized from start to finish. She was experienced, efficient, creative and thorough. The end results were excellent, we finished on time and have used her services again since then. I appreciate her services and look forward to working with her on future projects. I highly recommend her!"

- Rula Hanania, President, Smile Promotions


Apryl is the REAL DEAL ... I was chosen to serve as a technical judge for a popular Gospel Awards event because of her writing advice!

"I’ve learned so much from you. Anything I do using your methods work wonderfully! Info I’ve gained from your courses have attracted all sorts of exciting successes, features contracts, respect and money. For example, I was chosen to serve as a technical judge for a popular Gospel Awards event all because of your writing advice! I look forward to another wave of your awesomeness. You’re the real deal!"

- Shelly Aqui, PRVM Performing Arts Academy


In less than 10 days, I had TWO cash offers for a $2 million condo unit!

"I used to shed tears about writing, but Apryl has turned me into a writing machine! In less than 10 days, I had TWO cash offers for a $2 million condo unit. I sold the site for $1.9 million and just want to acknowledge Apryl for her books and her training on spine-tingling sentences to make clients ‘smack the buy button.'"

- Tori Easterling, Real Estate Tori


Apryl is a professional writer and editor who listens well, scopes the project and executes exactly what is needed, on time and within budget!

"Apryl also has the calm temperament so essential to working with demanding and sometimes difficult clients. I recommend Apryl without hesitation to anyone looking for great writing, editing and proofreading support."

- Laurie Beringer, Editorial Manager, Thompson Hine


Apryl is a vivacious and dedicated woman and an exceptional speaker!

"Apryl gave a tremendous presentation to our female employee resource group, HylandWIN this fall on writing like a B.O.S.S. Her enthusiastic presentation kept our audience engaged and gave key takeaway points to implement into one’s life. I truly believe Apryl will shine in bringing a fun twist of professional development into your organization and/or marketing content. She has my highest recommendation and respect."

- Courtney (Byham) Conn, Human Resources Program Manager, Hyland


I made THREE sales in 5 minutes!

"I was browsing through Apryl’s membership group and was inspired to do a 15-second video, wearing one of my hair towels, talking about one of my favorite things about them. And within 5 minutes of posting, I sold 3 hair towels. Now I see how saying 'buy my stuff' is less effective than 'this is why I love it.' It was a story, albeit a quick one, but it resonated. So, I’ll take your words and apply them. Thanks!"

- Brie Moore, Breezy Tee


I made $91,000 during Black Friday Week using Apryl's email templates!

"I made $91,000 during Black Friday Week using Apryl's email templates, I scheduled them and let them rock until Cyber Monday while I took the weekend off."

- Donteacia Seymore, Chief Inventor, Creation Nation


The amazing work Apryl created will allow me to grow my business!

"I loved working with Apryl. She took the time to understand my needs, my vision, my voice, and my project. The amazing work she created will allow me to grow my business by becoming more visible as I promote my summit. Thank you so much!"

- Melissa Moss, Event Marketing Consultant and Strategist


I did Apryl’s Black Friday Challenge and brought in over $4,000 in sales!

"I did Apryl’s Black Friday Challenge and brought in over $4,000 in sales! I am beyond happy with her services!"

- Curtis Reynolds, Expert Stylist


I used Apryl’s email and social media templates to close $10,500 in sales …

"I used all the emails and social media posts from Apryl’s Black Friday Bundle and the suggested schedule to market my first retreat. I closed the promotion with $10,500 in sales, selling out all the spots. And, I’ve created a waitlist for the next retreat!"

- Quanisha Green, MSS, Black Woman CEO


Stick to what you do best and let Apryl's team handle the rest! 

"... Before Apryl Beverly walked into my life, I struggled to keep up with all the content. I cannot tell you how much time I’ve saved since I have entrusted the words on my sales pages and other places to Apryl Beverly and her team. OMG, they have the uncanny ability to take my thoughts and what I want to get out into the world and use the words to convert my audience. And it’s been a pleasure!"

- Patrice Washington, Host of the Redefining Wealth Podcast


Apryl’s amazing copy brought my brand to life ...

"I first met Apryl at an event where she introduced herself and from that moment, I knew she had a way with words. A copywriter wasn’t something I ever thought I needed but over time I realized, although I had a notable brand, I never could find the right words to describe who we are, who we cater to and what our mission was.

With just one phone call, Apryl was able to bring my brand to life and add color to our media kit, through her amazing copy. She was amazing to work with from start to finish, asking all the right questions, super professional and her copy is always delivered on schedule. The professionalism is top-notch!"

- Necole Kane, xoNecole 


On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate Apryl's marketing and copywriting skills a 10!

"I would absolutely refer her to others and am planning to work with her for proposal writing and to update our existing sales presentations!"

- Brendan Hughes, Marketing Manager, Equity Trust Company


I used Apryl’s Black Friday Bundle of email and social media templates to EXCEED my Black Friday sales goal!

"I worked with Apryl and her team on a variety of services and trainings, but most recently, I'm so excited about my success with Black Friday. I set a goal and I used Apryl’s email series and it worked fabulously with my audience. Each email was more and more engaging and I ended up EXCEEDING my Black Friday sales goal!"

- Toni McEachin, Duchess Cosmetics  


We hired Apryl to write a large, highly technical sales proposal and we won the contract, which brought in tens of thousands of dollars!

"Apryl is at the top of her field and combines her creative insights with editing expertise to always ensure that we deliver the highest quality sales proposals. She also keeps us organized from start to finish, which ensures all deadlines are met. I plan to hire her again!"

- Linda Richardson, VP, Sales, Versify Solutions


Your team makes my words sound like a million bucks!

"I LOVE working with Apryl and her team! They always make my words sound like a million bucks! I was super pleased with the website copy and ad writing they did for me. Anyone can write a social media caption, but not everyone can write copy. They’re stuck with me for LIFE!"

- Ronne Brown, CEO, Girl CEO Inc.


The value vs. the investment ratio is a no-brainer!

"Thank YOU Apryl for transforming my writing. I'm getting more discovery requests than before I tapped into Apryl's magic! I recommend any of her products. The value vs. investment ratio is a no-brainer."

- Nicole Chamblin, Visions Productivity Solutions


One of the BEST investments I could've made for my business! 

"... I believe in learning the way before I hire someone to do it. It was one of the BEST investments I've made in my business!"

- Dr. Denise Sincere, Personal Development and Women Empowerment Trainer


Meet the Million-Dollar Word Stylist™ + Masterclass Facilitator

Heyyy, I’m Apryl Beverly, The Million-Dollar Word Stylist and founder of Word Stylistz®️, the world's first female-owned, flat-rate sales writing agency. For more than 20 years (yes, I really did start writing when I was 5 years old 🤣), I’ve been serving up cash-generating content and teaching people who have zero sales or marketing experience how to turn their everyday language into persuasive words that sell.

Top brands, service providers, coaches, consultants and global corporations have used our copy to generate $100 million (and counting) in revenue. And during my 3-Part Masterclass Series, I'll reveal the exact strategies you can use to create sales messages and cash-generating content that intrigues, engages and seizes buyers' undivided attention.

You Have Questions. I Have Answers. 

  • q-iconCan I attend the Masterclass Series LIVE? If so, what are the dates and times?

    Yes, I will teach each of the Fall into Profits masterclasses LIVE on Tuesday, October 11, Wednesday, October 12 and Thursday, October 13 – all at 7 p.m. ET. Giveaways and special offers will be available to LIVE attendees only.

  • q-iconWhat if I can't attend LIVE?

    Your investment includes lifetime access to replay recordings.

  • q-iconDo I have to invest in all 3 masterclasses?

    No. On the payment page, you’ll have the option of investing in a single masterclass or all three.

  • q-iconHow does the Upgrade Me option work?

    The “Upgrade Me” option includes exclusive access to an up to 2-hourlong Zoom session where I will share your content review and answer any questions you have about enhancing  the relatability and salability of your content. With this option, you will submit up to 750 words of content for me to review BEFORE the session, so I can come prepared ready to discuss your content. Once I’ve reviewed your content and answered your questions, you can choose to exit the call or stay and listen to the next participant’s content review.