Every day for 4 Days, You Will Receive a LIVE 30-Minute Lesson and "WERK" Task. Fence Sitters + Cash Resisters Will Get Left Behind ...

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If You Want to Finally Discover How to Make Money in Your Business Online (Without Sacrificing Your Sleep, Sanity + Family), "P.I.M.P. Your Page" is Where You Want to be Starting Wednesday, August 9 ...

  • Day 1: POWER Up Your Purpose

    Want folks to take action? You gotta first know what they REALLY want. Slide inside my head and get the 411 on the importance of a landing page and how to deliver your message in a way that gets folks racing to do what you want them to do — download, enroll, invest and so on.

  • Day 2: INTRIGUE Your Audience

    Now that you know what folks REALLY want, you gotta intrigue them to take action. And on Day TWO of the Challenge, I’m delivering the inside scoop on why you haven’t been able to do that and what you need to do going forward to entice peeps to take action.

  • Day 3: MAKE It Easy

    Real talk … nobody wants to go through a gazillion steps to download your freebie, enroll in your Masterclass or invest in your products and services. Folks want easy. And on Day THREE of the Challenge, I’m going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how I deliver an easy-breezy engagement process virtually guaranteed to grow your email list and get you PAID!

  • Day 4: PROPEL Folks to Smack the Button

    Online marketers who use landing pages generate an average of 48% more in sales. Soooo, if you’re sending folks to your general website, you’re likely missing out on some major moolah. And that stops here. Join us for Day FOUR and get the skinny on the #1 thing your landing page must have to propel folks to smack the button.

During the Challenge, you'll get access to spine-tingling surprises, breathtaking bonuses and "gotta-have-em" goodies you won't wanna miss, so stay tuned!

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These Wild + Crazy Internet Streets Are Talking ...

Meet the Million-Dollar Word Stylist™ + Smackdown Coach

I’m Apryl Beverly, The Million-Dollar Word Stylist™, sentence slinger and Shots Fired! Smackdown Coach.

I craft compelling copy that has generated $7,022,810 (and counting) in revenue for B2B solo entrepreneurs, small business owners and some of the country’s top brands.

Known for my "tell-it-like-it-is" writing style, I have earned a variety of awards and recognitions including hitting the Amazon Best Seller’s List in 3 categories just 24 hours after releasing my first book, Shots Fired! How to Write Copy that Pierces Hearts (And Opens Wallets). My second book, F.A.S.T. Money! The Easy Way to use Facebook Ads to Hook Smokin’ Hot Leads shot to the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List two days before its official release.

And for 4 DAYS, you get to crawl inside my brain and pull out everything I know about slinging spine-tingling sentences that propel folks to whip out their credit cards and smack the BUY button. All you gotta do is drop your details below and click, "I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE!"

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