Inside the 12 Days of Salesmas Holiday Shop, you gain access to some of my most popular and business-changing programs at a tiny fraction of their original cost. Now, I'm retiring these offerings, so you will NEVER again see them available for sale at any price. 


Listen, you can have the BEST products and services of all time and still not earn the revenue you want because ...

How you describe the benefits and value of what you sell is confusing and unclear - leaving your audience with no other choice than to leap into the open arms of your competitors.

You see, out here on these internet streets, the business with the BEST sales message wins. Now, you may not want to hear that but it's FACTS. Buuut YOU?! See you have an advantage:

Your product and services are already incredible (I know because I only attract genuine people who want to see their audiences win).
You simply need the words to match.

And that's exactly what you'll discover how to craft with the products I've packed inside the Second Annual 12 Days of Salesmas Holiday Shop.

Now, with your awesomeness AND pages full of spine-tingling sentences, you'll be channeling your inner Beyonce in no time - just fanning yourself with success and wealth.

Ummm, you ready?!

Step inside the 12 Days of Salesmas Holiday Shop and get the fluff-free, step-by-step guidance and resources you need to turn your weak, wimpy words into powerful, toe-curling content that pulls in more clients, makes you more money and "brags" about your business all day long - when you're at the grocery store, the gym, on some Netflix and chill or even sleeping. 

  • W.E.R.K. Your Website

    Ready to flood your website with words that sell? Find out how to do precisely that inside this on-demand 4-part training where you’ll get step-by-step guidance on how to feed your website the spine-tingling sentences it needs to engage, excite and propel your audience to smack the buy button … all day and all night.

    W.E.R.K. Your Website is a low-cost, on-demand program. Here, you’ll tap into the formulas, templates, cheat sheets and lively video lessons crafted by a copywriter who has made her clients over $22 million on revenue — all without the worry of busting your budget.

  • The Profit Purse Bundle

    Having the RIGHT words eases anxiety and propels people to trust you, and when they believe you, they’re more likely to smack that buy button! Inside the Profit Purse, I’m empowering YOU to craft the right words.

    The Profit Purse is packed with FOUR check-collecting pieces of content to show you how to get your sales message on point so you can serve up your superpowers and collect checks – all at the same time. As a BONUS, you’ll also get Profit Purse 2.0, which includes another 3 check-collecting pieces of content!

  • Shots Fired! The Replay

    Want this inside scoop on this whole “copywriting” thang? Get LIFETIME ACCESS to this biz-transforming, 4-hour sales writing workshop for virtual assistants, freelancers, creatives and coaches. Here, you’ll discover all the skills needed to transform your freelance graphic design, photography, writing or coaching business from barely getting by to being profitable and generating the type of projects and volume of clients you really want.

    PLUS, you’ll get the 411 on how to increase the number of prospects who contact you AND walk away with a tried, tested and proven blueprint of how to follow up like a pro, so you turn prospects into paying clients over and over again.

  • W.E.R.K. Your Social Media Bundle

    Ready to skyrocket your social media engagement and turn your followers into loyal buyers? Step inside this 4-lesson W.E.R.K. Your Social Media Bundle where you’ll get the step-by-step guidance, writing formulas and social media post templates you need to attract more of the RIGHT clients from social media.

    Listen, there’s winners and losers out here in this social media game and with this training, you’ll quickly discover how to join the winner’s circle.


You still reading? Well, that confirms your sales message is not where it needs to be to get you the revenue you want. BUT you have the power to change all that ...

You see, with the products I've stuffed inside the Second Annual 12 Days of Salesmas Holiday Shop, you have finally get the guidance, strategies and resources you need to craft an enticing, persuasive sales message - all without busting your budget wide open.  

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Yesss, I’m here to help you make 2020 your best year yet so you can serve the people who need you most AND make your bank account smile all at the same dang on time.  


REAL TALK: I could set the price for all these cash-generating lessons at $9,584 (at least), and here’s why ...

My clients have used the exact strategies I share inside these programs to bask in the glory of 5-figure launches, sold-out events and turn their businesses into money-making machines.

You can reuse the guidance over and over again to produce stellar results in your business.

I simplify this "copywriting" thang so you can get the strategies you need to
make an immediate shift in your business.

Heck, clients pay me $599 per hour-long session to learn the strategies I teach inside these programs. Inside the Holiday Shop, you're gaining access to SIXTEEN hours of action-inducing, straight-no-chaser sales writing guidance. That alone is $9,584 worth of money-making messages. 

Now, even though I COULD charge at least $9,584 for all this toe-curling content,
I’m NOT going to.

You see, my clients have raked in over $22.5 million from the spine-tingling sentences my team and I have been slingin’ and I do NOT want you to have to bust your budget wide open to get in on this revenue-generating frenzy.

So, with that said, instead of $9,584, I’m practically giving away the lessons for ONLY $97 each. BUT, please know these offers will completely DISAPPEAR once we hit the TWELFTH day of Salesmas - no exceptions. Sooo, IF you want to kick off 2020 pulling in more sales, smack the button below to get INSTANT access to all the toe-curling content I have in store for you.


I made $43,000 directly from your content in ONE MONTH! 

"I used the content your team wrote to pull in $43,000 THIS MONTH! So yeah, other writers hit me up all the time about their writing services but I ONLY work with your team!"

- Cici, The Six Figure Chick


Your team makes my words sound like a million bucks!

"I LOVE working with Apryl and her team! They always make my words sound like a million bucks. I was super pleased with the website copy and ad writing they did for me. Anyone can write a caption, but not everyone can write copy. They're stuck with me for LIFE!"

- Ronne Brown, CEO of Girl CEO Inc.


The value vs. the investment ratio is a no-brainer!

"Thank YOU Apryl for transforming my writing. I'm getting more discovery requests than before I tapped into Apryl's magic! I recommend any of her products. The value vs. investment ratio is a no-brainer.

- Nicole Chamblin, Visions Productivity Solutions 


One of the BEST investments I could've made for my business! 

"... I believe in learning the way before I hire someone to do it. It was one of the BEST investments I've made in my business!"

- Denise Sincere, Confidence Igniter 


Meet the Million-Dollar Word Stylist™ + W.E.R.K. Coach

I’m Apryl Beverly, The Million-Dollar Word Stylist™, sentence slinger and W.E.R.K. Coach.

I craft compelling copy that generated over $22.5 million last year in revenue for B2B solo entrepreneurs, small business owners and some of the country’s top brands.

Known for my "tell-it-like-it-is" writing style, I have earned a variety of awards and recognitions including hitting the Amazon Best Seller’s List in 3 categories just 24 hours after releasing my first book, Shots Fired! How to Write Copy that Pierces Hearts (And Opens Wallets).

My second book, F.A.S.T. Money! The Easy Way to use Facebook Ads to Hook Smokin’ Hot Leads shot to the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List two days before its official release.

And right here, right now, I'm giving you an all-access pass to step inside my million-dollar brain without paying full price at the gate.


What do I get? 

We have four core digital products available inside the Second Annual 12 Days of Salesmas Holiday Shop. You can invest in one or all of the products.

After smacking the buy button, you will receive instructions on how to
INSTANTLY access your purchase.

Will these lessons work for me if I sell products like journals, tees and stuff?  

Yep! I teach universal copywriting principles that work no matter what you sell. The art of crafting enticing sales message is a skill you need whether you sell burgers or $10K coaching programs.

Can I download the lessons instantly? 

Yep! You’ll get an email with a link to access everything you invest in as soon as you complete your purchase. If you don’t get an email, you likely entered your email address wrong or spam gobbled up the information. If that happens, check your spam folder BEFORE contacting my team at [email protected].

My writing SUCKS, will this really work for me? 

Absolutely! You’ll get step-by-step guidance on how to craft sales messages that entice and persuade the right people to buy. You don't have to be a prolific writer to master the art of copywriting. You simply need to understand the core principles of writing money-making messages. Annd, that's what you'll learn inside these lessons.

Can I just come back and get these lessons next year? 

Nope! We're retiring every lesson inside the Holiday Shop forever so if you don't get it now, you won't be able to grab it later.

While the principles I teach are timeless, I have soooo much content that
I need to make room for the new programs I have planned for 2020.