Finally, Get a Step-by-Step Plan for Writing Words that Make YOU Money

A strategy-packed, half-day workshop for freelancers,  coaches, creatives and virtual assistants who want to go from inconsistent clients to booked solid


Are you great at getting fantastic results for clients but sick and tired of not attracting enough smokin' hot leads? Maybe you’re missing out on lucrative projects and dream clients or spinning your wheels working overtime when all you really need to do is work smarter.

You see, when you finally discover how to craft spine-tingling sentences that propel folks to whip out their credit cards and smack the buy button, you'll be amazed (and thrilled) to see exactly how the RIGHT words can have a crazy-positive impact on EVERY nook and cranny of your business. 

From getting prospects to hit you with a resounding "YES," to seeing more people open and read your emails to achieving ad conversion rates that make it rain on your bank account instead of on Mark Zuckerberg, having the RIGHT words can TRANSFORM your entire business and take you from "zero to 100 real quick."

Now, NOT having the right words can have you aimlessly strolling the Internet streets praying, hoping, searching and hunting for any breathing-soul willing to pay you for your genius.

Real talk ... there are thousands of highly skilled and talented coaches, virtual assistants, photographers, designers, marketers and freelancers who have no idea how much they are being held back by poor sales writing skills.

Sad but true.

So, if you want your words to speak as loud as your talent ... looks like you've got a choice to make:

OPTION #1: You can continue aimlessly strolling the Internet streets sharing client-repelling sentences, all the while praying, hoping, searching and hunting for clients.


OPTION #2: You can learn how to tap into the art and science of writing words that sell so you start making more money and actually enjoying this "freedom lifestyle" you signed up for when you jumped into this whole entrepreneurial, "chase-your-dreams" thang.

Now, if you wanna know more about what's behind Option #2, keep reading so I can show you exactly how to:

Get the smokin' hot leads you want
and book your calendar solid

Join me for a business-transforming, half-day sales writing workshop for virtual assistants, freelancers, creatives and coaches.

Here, you’ll discover all the skills needed to transform your freelance graphic design, photography, writing or coaching business from barely getting by to being profitable and generating the type of projects and volume of clients you really want.

PLUS, you’ll get the inside scoop on how to increase the number of prospects who contact you AND walk away with a tried, tested and proven blueprint of how to follow up like a pro, so you turn prospects into paying clients over and over again!


This is what you will discover
in this strategy-packed workshop

  • How to attract an abundance of new clients

  • How to write follow-up emails that eliminate common sales objections to working with you.

  • Why people should come to you rather than go elsewhere.


  • How to create a “passive” income from products.

  • Why using these 2 words in your marketing is so wrong and how it actually loses you clients!

  • How to convert virtually every person you talk to during a discovery call.

  • Whether you are a freelance website designer, writer, photographer, business coach or virtual assistant, this step-by-step blueprint for writing in a way that entices prospective clients will be invaluable to you.

  • How to get $2000 per week working with clients you hand-select.

  • All this and more in one fun, strategy-packed and thought-provoking workshop!


Meet the Million-Dollar Word Stylist™ + W.E.R.K. Coach

I’m Apryl Beverly, The Million-Dollar Word Stylist™, sentence slinger and W.E.R.K. Coach.

I craft compelling copy that has generated over $11 million (and counting) in revenue for B2B solo entrepreneurs, small business owners and some of the country’s top brands.

Known for my "tell-it-like-it-is" writing style, I have earned a variety of awards and recognitions including hitting the Amazon Best Seller’s List in 3 categories just 24 hours after releasing my first book, Shots Fired! How to Write Copy that Pierces Hearts (And Opens Wallets).

My second book, F.A.S.T. Money! The Easy Way to use Facebook Ads to Hook Smokin’ Hot Leads shot to the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List two days before its official release.

And inside this REPLAY, you'll get to crawl inside my brain to discover how YOU too can sling six-figure sentences.

Through my training courses, digital products and one-on-one services, I have helped and inspired  hundreds of people to achieve more in their businesses.

But don't take my word for it.
See what a few of my superstars have to say ...


My sales conversions hit 60%!

Come through copy ... I've enrolled 600 members into my online membership program with the sales page you wrote for me. And I've used the CopyCloset to revamp other sales pages and my last three product launches have had ridiculous sales conversions up to 60.52%.

- Cici "The Six Figure Chick," The Six Figure Chick


Apryl's words are responsible for MOST of the income I made in a full calendar year!

Apryl wrote about 7 campaigns (and counting) for me and I trust her wholeheartedly with my sales copy. You see, Apryl stands up to "The Million Dollar Word Stylist" name because she truly has the power to transform boring words into sentences that make people "smack the buy button."

Now, please know I'm not blowing smoke ... Apryl truly is the truth!!! She has been a blessing to my business and her words are responsible for most of the income I raked in during a full calendar year!

- Audria Richmond, Branding and Marketing Genius + Bestselling Author


I made over $500 in a few hours!

I am naturally someone who stares at the wall trying to decide on the words to write. Apryl has shown me how to stop wasting that kind of time.

First, I used what I learned in one of her classes to find my ideal customer. Then, I coupled that with one of her writing templates. From there, all I had to do was plug in a few industry terms and hit “post.” I made over $500 in a few hours!

- Leslie C. Bentley, The Sewcial Place