Fist Bumps + High Fives for Making a Serious BOSS Move ...

I want to acknowledge you for:

Being brave. It takes courage to say YES to growing your biz and doing what it takes to pump up your PayPal account.

Taking initiative. You are one step closer to pumping up your PayPal account.

And let’s not forget for being an action-taking BOSS.

Blessings flow to folks like you.

Now before we get to the details on what I have in store for you, here’s a little warning:

You will only fully benefit from this information when you take action and give it your all.

Here’s your first list of to-do’s
(pretty simple and straightforward):

1. Click the big orange button. As a back up, download details are also flying through cyberspace and into your inbox right now. Be sure to open the email from me – Apryl Beverly. Inside you’ll find details on how to access your Instant Sales (Emails).

2. Want some extra credit? Grab my bestselling book, Shots Fired: How to Write Words that Pierce Hearts (And Opens Wallets). 

OK, that’s it for now.

Much love + gratitude,

Apryl Beverly
The Million-Dollar Word Stylist (tm)