Tired of wasting time + money on sales and marketing content that doesn't work?

Do what coaches, consultants, service providers, freelancers and ecommerce retailers are doing … stepping inside The CopyCloset to gain access to pro copywriting feedback and a treasure chest of proven-to-work writing resources virtually guaranteed to make your sales and marketing content do what it’s supposed to do – attract leads and boost revenue and profits.

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You already know sales and marketing content can make or break your profitability.

Every day you get hit with emails, FB ads, TV and radio commercials and social media posts that persuade you to run for your wallet, whip out your credit card and smack the buy button.

And if we’re keeping it real – it makes you a little jealous, right? Why aren’t people running to smack your buy buttons? What are they doing that you aren’t? And what word wizardry did they figure out and what do you have to do to sprinkle that same revenue-generating magic over your sales and marketing content?

Listen, I get it. You're:
By the way, I'm Apryl. Heyyyy ...

Okay, so this is where I’m supposed to tell you how I stepped on the online scene with a gangsta lean and went from zero to millions real quick – all from my ability to craft magical sales and marketing content. But the reality is … that’s not how it happened. Well, not quite.

While I am known for creating magic when my fingers tap the keyboard, I started my copywriting career in corporate America. I was a pro at crafting billion-dollar messages for global companies. I wrote copy for THEIR brands and in THEIR voices.

When I started my copywriting business in 2011, I knew how to use words to make money. But I didn’t know how to use words to make money for ME.

It took a LOT of mistakes, failed online launches and half-baked online business courses before I finally figured out the ONE thing I needed to add to the emails, service descriptions and website copy I was writing for my own business was ME.

I rewrote all content with MY personality, MY flava and the words I use in MY everyday conversations and something magical happened …

I ended up generating over $100,000 in my first year in business.

Today, my team and I are blessed to work with well-known social media influencers, celebrities and brands doing brilliant work to change lives.

As the founder of Word Stylistz, the world’s first woman-owned, flat-rate sales writing platform, I’m honored to say that my team has helped clients pull in over $100 million in revenue and incredible results like this …


We work with coaches, consultants, freelancers, service providers and eCommerce retailers to create persuasive sales and marketing content that sells out their programs, expands their reach and grows their brands.

Writing sales and marketing content is ALL we do. Period.

Now, imagine this ...

ALL this can be your reality.

Here's the thing ...

Writing persuasive sales and marketing content gets to be easy when you know WHERE to start and HOW to craft messages that pierce your audience’s hearts (and wallets) (no more cuddling up with Google or AI tools that spit out vanilla content that doesn’t work for the people your brand serves).

You can create wildly profitable content in less than 2 hours each week without spending much time or money.

Crafting sales and marketing content don’t have to feel like a blank-page battle when you have the right frameworks for YOUR business and diverse audience (no more trying to market your brand into flava-less, cookie-cutter content that some ‘guru’ who doesn’t understand your audience came up with).

Writing sales and marketing content can be easy.

And it will be when you step inside The CopyCloset where you’ll gain access to my proven writing frameworks, fill-in-the-blank templates and done-for-you sales and marketing content creation resources at an insanely low price.

The CopyCloset

A no-judgment online zone where you'll get the feedback, hand-holding, frameworks, step-by-step guidance and inspiration you require to craft revenue-generating sales and marketing content — even if sales writing is NOT your ministry.

Get straight-to-the-point sales and marketing video guidance you can devour in 15 minutes (or less) and implement right away.

Unlock plug-and-play prompts proven to ensure ChatGPT produces the sales-boosting, lead-attracting content you want.

Tap into a game-changing way to create compelling sales and marketing content with a copywriting pro looking over your shoulder.

Get answers to your biggest questions so you can conquer profitability paralysis and generate more leads and sales.

Access a treasure chest of time-saving writing frameworks, checklists + templates so you never again battle with a blank page.

Bring your superpower statement to the Elevator Pitch Clinic, post questions and get feedback on your sales and marketing content in between our LIVE Q&A sessions.

Cash in on your member perks and have a member of our pro copywriting team write your copy when you're short on time or simply need an extra set of hands to help out.

Have a burning question that can't wait until the monthly Q&A? Get a quick response from your exclusive concierge and finish the work you started fast!

Never panic about using the right words again. Simply write from your heart and submit a content critique request to let our pro copywriters spice up your words with irresistible persuasion.

Jumpstart sales or boost your revenue by having us develop a 30-day just-for-you promotional content plan to get people intrigued and excited about your offer.

Who am I and why did I create this treasure chest of sales and marketing content resources?

My last name is Beverly and I'm the Million-Dollar Word Stylist. And YES, I've earned every syllable of that title.

I’m the founder of the Word Stylistz, the world’s first woman-owned, flat-rate sales writing platform, the first Black woman copywriter to license a copywriting course to over 1,000 accredited colleges/universities worldwide and the creator of The CopyCloset.

I’ve been slingin’ sentences since I was old enough to pick up a crayon. I’ve worked with Allstate Insurance Company, professional athletes, leading international law firms and global brands like McDonald’s. My team has crafted compelling sales copy for some of your favorite social media influencers, celebrities and brands, including Ronne Brown, Skittlez, King Ashley Ann, Audria Richmond, xoNecole and many more.

And I’m proud to report that my team has helped our clients generate $100 million in revenue from the sales emails, social media posts, product descriptions, website copy and other marketing content we’ve written.

Known for my “tell-it-like-it-is” writing style, I’ve earned various awards and recognitions, including hitting the Amazon Best Seller’s List in 3 categories just 24 hours after releasing my first book, "Shots Fired! How to Write Copy that Pierces Hearts (And Opens Wallets)."

My second book, "F.A.S.T. Money! The Easy Way to Use Facebook Ads to Hook Smokin’ Hot Leads" shot to the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List two days before its official release.

I created the CopyCloset to provide a valuable, yet low-cost resource that guides coaches, consultants, services providers and eCommerce retailers like you how to level the playing field.

And do so by finally understanding how to craft the relatable and persuasive content needed to compete in the marketplace and showcase the undeniable value of investing in your products and services.

While you can sell a mediocre offer with great messaging, you can’t sell a great offer with lousy messaging. As a CopyCloset member, you’ll gain access to the resources you need to complement your great offers with great messaging that attracts the right people, boosts sales and skyrockets profits!

Here are the resources waiting for you inside The CopyCloset
Whether you're writing website content, product descriptions, social media posts, sales emails or a sales page, there's a template or framework tucked inside The CopyCloset to ensure you never drown in "I don't know what to write" anxiety. With these proven writing resources at your fingertips, your words will flow more freely, helping to ensure clients and customers flow more freely into your business.
1. Getting Started
Open your heart and mind to the wonderful world of copywriting with a guided tour through the platform. PLUS, get a sneak peek inside Module 1 of my accredited Persuasive Copywriting certification course and dive into the foundational, vital topics you must understand before attempting to craft compelling and persuasive sales and marketing content. These 16 lessons will leave you with a complete understanding of how to have an intriguing sales conversation in writing.
2. Copywriting 101
Kickstart your copywriting skills into high gear with this foundational lesson that sets a baseline for you to craft compelling copy that attracts more leads, boosts revenue and skyrockets profits.
3. Email Marketing
Tap into guidance on how to make email marketing, a strategy that averages a return of $43 for every $1 spent, work for you. Unlock pro copywriter insight, frameworks and fill-in-the-blank templates to help you dig up the money in your subscriber list.
4. Social Selling
Showing up on social media to record videos with trending audio sounds is cute, but is it helping you convert? Gain access to the writing frameworks, templates and guidance you need to “post with a purpose” and monetize every minute you spend engaging with your audience on social media.
5. Ad Writing
Uncover the proven strategies, writing frameworks and templates you need to publish scroll-stopping ad copy. While the ad game is changing, one thing remains the same: You must have intriguing and compelling ad content IF you want your target audience to race to sign up for your offers.
6. Sales Page Writing
Gain vital guidance on structuring a sales page that sells. Tap into the instruction, writing frameworks and templates to write sales pages that convert like crazy so your bank account stays happy and healthy.
7. Web Writing
With over 1.9 billion websites online and more than 3.5 billion daily Google searches, it’s challenging to stand out on the internet without compelling website content. But your struggle ends with access to the proven web writing and blog strategies and page frameworks you need to ensure your website bubbles up to the top of the list and gets the attention your business deserves.
8. ChatGPT Writing Prompts + Done-For-You Writing Tool
When you combine the power of the ChatGPT AI platform with the expertise of a copywriter who’s been in the game getting extraordinary results for 20+ years, you get an excellent resource that boosts your productivity as a business owner, freelancer, coach or consultant, and drastically reduces the time spent on writing, all while serving up compelling content that pierces the hearts and wallets of your audience. Pop your prompt into the CopyCloset ChatGPT tool and watch it produce a draft copy that speaks to your audience and sparks your creativity so you can finalize your writing project 10X faster!
9. Launch Email Templates + Outlines
Whether you're launching via a webinar, masterclass, challenge or other type of promotion, having compelling sales launch emails sits at the heart of your campaign success. The flow, the number of emails and the content all can make (or break) your sales. Gain access to sets of launch email templates battle-tested to produce optimal results. (New launch email campaigns added regularly!)
10. Support + Feedback Private Community
Gain inspiration from a supportive community of fellow coaches, consultants, freelancers, service providers, and our team of pro writers to bounce ideas off and get feedback. Share your work, gain insight and watch your writing skills (and sales) soar!
11. Save 15% on Word Stylistz Writing Services
While ChatGPT is a fantastic resource for quick answers and general guidance, there's nothing quite like having a pro copywriter flooding your pages with compelling content. With our done-for-you writing services, you can save time and energy while receiving high-quality, customized content that perfectly fits your needs – all for 15% off.
Meet Alumni Members Who’ve Been Able to Up Their Sales + Marketing Content Game Using the Writing Framework I Teach Inside The CopyCloset
I earned in 9 hours what I make in a month ...
"After following the systems and methods in The CopyCloset, I earned in 9 hours what I make in a month. It's only the 15th and today, I'll hit $70K with my subscription! I'm honestly blown away and starting to understand WORDS matter!"
- Felicia Jarrell, Goldmine and Coco
Revenue is on the rise ...
Q4 is already 66.06% above the revenue generated in Q3 thanks to The CopyCloset!
- TaKenya Battle, Music Consultant
The value vs. the investment ratio is a no-brainer ...
"Thank YOU for transforming my writing. I'm getting more discovery requests than before I tapped into Apryl's magic! I recommend any of her products. The value vs. investment ratio is a no-brainer."
- Nicole Chamblin, Productivity Coach
I 5X'd my sales in ONE MONTH ...
"I made $2,000 in sales in August and then I added new copy to my product listings and made $11,000 in September! Cha-ching, thank you Mrs. Beverly. What you do is dope!"
- Leo Patel, Air Purifier Systems
The framework WORKS ...
"I want to thank Apryl and her team for the Ahh-MAZE-ing copywriting tips and framework. When I released my Email Boss Bundle and sales just kept rolling in. And people are absolutely loving my sales page.
- Ebony Evaughn, Soulstruck Republic
I used Apryl's email and social media templates to close $10,500 in sales ...
"I used all the emails and social media posts from your Black Friday Bundle and the suggested schedule to market my first retreat. I closed the promotion with $10,500 in sales, selling out all the spots. And, I've created a waitlist for the next retreat!"
- Quanisha Green, Business Coach for Black Women
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No minimum commitment. You'll get access to all trainings, writing prompts and templates, the membership ChatGPT tool, LIVE Q&A, email support, discounted writing services and private community for as long as you're a member.
Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! I recommend starting with the Copywriting 101 course so you can learn the basics of writing sales and marketing content and the framework we follow to craft persuasive content. Also, because each training and template guides you through a step-by-step strategy, you don’t need A+ grades in English class or any previous experience to successfully craft compelling sales and marketing content.

Each month we have LIVE Q&A sessions where you’ll get a pro copywriter answering your questions + chatting about sales and marketing tactics. We also have a private FB community where you can post questions and get feedback between the live sessions

You simply submit your content critique request to your CopyCloset Concierge via email and we’ll deliver your revised content to your inbox within 7 business days.

No limits on the number of critiques you can request. We do ask that you complete Copywriting 101 and follow the content frameworks before submitting a request to maximize the opportunity.



No. The built-in ChatGPT-like tool is included in your membership and does not require any additional subscriptions or AI tools.

No worries! While we do not record LIVE Q&A sessions, you can email us your question beforehand, and we’ll ensure you get the necessary answers.

While we’ve seen the results other members have achieved, we understand if you believe the program isn’t a good fit for you. It’s super easy to log in to your member portal and cancel when you’re ready.

Yes, for your convenience, your payment will automatically renew. You can cancel anytime directly from your member portal without needing to contact our team for assistance.

Because of the immense value of the content you get instant access to and the content critiques, email support and live Q&A sessions, all sales are final and we do not offer refunds. We do have a member self-serve portal where you can cancel in just a few clicks.

The only thing that separates high achievers from non-achievers is that they're never scared about getting the support, guidance and strategies needed to unlock their next level. The key to more persuasive copy, leads, revenue, and profits is waiting inside The CopyCloset.
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