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Ready to get into all the good stuff tucked inside The CopyCloset? Hold up, wait a minute. Let me give you a quick rundown. But before we get into that, I’m Apryl Beverly, the Million-Dollar Word Stylist and founder of The CopyCloset. I started The CopyCloset in 2016, and this is the first YEAR we decided to unenroll all previous members, switch up some features on the backend and start fresh. Today, it has the same name with different (and better) benefits, content and instruction.

And with that, welcome to the “refined” CopyCloset. Before you dive into the training lessons, templates and frameworks, I want you to know this … “Your content should be a continuum of your core message.”

To be confident about what you’re selling, you first must know what you’re selling. Think about your business and ask yourself: “What am I selling?”

For example, Colgate doesn’t sell toothpaste. They’re selling a brighter smile and fresh breath.

A business coach isn’t selling advice. She’s selling the ability to generate more revenue and create the business you always wanted.

A hairstylist isn’t selling hairstyles. She’s selling healthy, manageable, compliment-worthy hair. So, what are YOU selling? Complete this statement:

I am a ________, and I am selling ________ for ____________.

If you sell multiple products and services, please choose something you can turn into a core message so the work we do here is valuable to you. In the coming days, we will build on this statement, so take the time to give this some thought.

Here’s my response to “what do I sell?”: I’m Apryl Beverly, the Million-Dollar Word Stylist and CEO of Word Stylistz, the world’s first female-owned, flat-rate copywriting agency. My team creates spine-tingling sales content that generates millions in revenue for small businesses and multibillion-dollar corporations.

I call this the “superpower statement” and, when done right, it sets the foundation for every piece of content you create in your business.

Therefore, if you’re confused about what you do, you’ll confuse your audience too.

Now that you know what you’re selling, let’s look at a typical sales process to get people to buy. Note that you’ll need content for EACH step of the process. Even though most people ONLY share content for the action phase. The process breaks down into 4 stages, awareness, interest, desire and action. Let’s get into each step.

PHASE #1 – AWARENESS: Here, you’ll use your core message to let people know what you have available for sale. And you’ll do it in an engaging way that reinforces your brand. This content will include high-level tips and key points that help your audience connect the dots about what you do and how you can serve them. This content is the no-gateway content you share freely without asking your audience to register for your email list.

PHASE #2 – INTEREST: In this next phase, you share content that pulls the prospect into your sales funnel. Here, you’ll want to share valuable content directly tied to your offerings. This content will include taking a deeper dive into your genius zone by showing how your actions affect others. Here, you can share testimonials, case studies, and how-to videos, so people start to gain an understanding of the value of your offering. Don’t make people guess how you can serve them, TELL THEM!

PHASE #3 – DESIRE: In this phase, you’ll need to connect emotionally with your audience by directly tying your offerings to their core desires. You must know your audience’s desires to be effective in this phase. Here, you’ll share ideal client stories and “she’s-like-you” testimonials so your audience can see scenarios of your offerings supporting people with similar struggles. At this point, they’ll start to see themselves using your offerings and imagining their lives after working with you.

PHASE #4 – ACTION: Here, you’ll clearly define the outcome of investing their time (or money) with you. Whether the action is booking a call or smacking the buy button, your content must demonstrate the value of doing so.

When you combine the AIDA process with my W.E.R.K. Formula, you’ll be ready to create cash-generating content. Check out the Copywriting 101 section now to dig into the WERK Formula.

Then hit up the areas where you’ll get templates and strategies on writing different types of copy for your emails, social media posts, website and more. Take the writing prompts and do-it-for-you writing tool for a spin.

Remember – whatever it produces should be your DRAFT, not your final. Put your special sauce on it and then publish. And one last thing: And this is a biggie … what I teach inside The CopyCloset will only work if you choose to put in the WERK. See you soon!