CopyCloset Training 5: Confidence Sells

Words matter. And that’s why it’s so super important for you to choose your words wisely. Even ONE wrong phrase can send your prospects and leads running into the arms of another designer, writer, editor, make-up artist, cosmetics retailer and so on.

Today, we’ll highlight a few of these confidence-sucking words and phrases and lead you to a script inside the CopyCloset that’s guaranteed to infuse personality and confidence into your core sales message.

Confidence Sucker #1: Just

This 4-letter word sucks away the power of your statements and can make you appear defensive or even apologetic. Saying, “I just wanted to follow up,” can be code for, “Sorry for taking up your time” or “Sorry if I’m bothering you.”

*Copywriting Tip: Now, saying “just click here” or “just $49.95” is different in that you’re making the action appear easy and painless. This type of use should not be confused with the confidence-sucking usage above.

Confidence Sucker #2: “I’m not sure what you think, but …”

Ahh, the old qualifier that tells folks you don’t want to sound pushy or arrogant. The problem is phrases like this negate the credibility of your statements.

Confidence Sucker #3: “My goal/mission is to …”

This phrase tells people you’re NOT yet doing what you plan to do. So, if you write, “my goal is to give you the tools and resources to grow your business” … you’re saying, “I’m planning on giving you those things, but I really don’t know if I can.”

Now, there’s plenty more confidence-sucking phrases floating around, but let’s not go overboard today. Plus, when you dig inside the CopyCloset, you’ll find scripts bursting with confidence and personality.

Before you leave, lemme drop some breadcrumbs leading you to that power message script so you can show you and reflect your dopeness …

Power Up Your Core Message

Go here to grab the script.

Once you fill in the blanks, you should have a personality-infused, powerful sales message that tells folks how you serve, who you serve and why they better not miss out on the chance on work with you.

It’ll take 20 minutes tops to complete.

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