CopyCloset Training 7: The Million-Dollar Secret

And the million-dollar secret for getting inside the pretty little heads of your audience members is …


Now, if you choose to ignore this message, you may as well pick up now and try a new business that sells to something other than humans.

Real talk … benefits sell. But do you know why?

Remember our chat in Training 6 about the primary human desires? Those are powerful wants humans are BIOLOGICALLY wired to fulfill – no matter who we are, where we live or what we do. So, if your product or service can satisfy even one of those or one of the nine secondary wants we discussed, you’re on your way to getting your sales train rolling. #ChooChoo

Here’s the thing:

If you do NOT use benefits on your website, sales and landing pages and in your emails, you can pretty much kiss your sales, clients and happy bank account goodbye.

But no worries, because we’d NEVER allow you to do that. Let’s talk benefits versus features.

Benefits versus Features

Benefits are those things that yield value for your prospects. A feature is simply a component of the product or service.

For example:

Product: BMW X5
Feature: Top-grade, plush leather seats.
Benefit: Luxury comfort in all climates.

Service: Social Media Consulting
Feature: We will write 10 Facebook and Instagram posts per month
Benefit: No more wasting hours on social media, we’ll write and post for you every single day, so your audience stays intrigued, engaged and excited to invest in your offers.

Get it? The features are the attributes while the benefits are what you get from the attributes. And the benefits are what entices people to buy.

Want to flood your pages with benefits? Slide over to Money Moves Masterclass and check out “Bodacious Bullets.”

There, we share a simple formula for connecting features to benefits and how you can quickly flood your landing and sales pages with tiny sales warriors.

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